Foobit Informatika d.o.o.

za informatičku djelatnost i usluge


We offer maintenance services of computers, networks and peripherals.


Today, the amount of IT equipment in both companies and at homes grows daily, and often there’s no one available to properly maintain the equipment to make sure everything is working properly and runs smoothly, since it would usually mean a requirement of hiring a computer specialist with a wide range of knowledge about the many intricacies of IT equipment, which usually brings in substantial financial expenses. We offer you something different – case-per-case bases maintenance and overview or contract based maintenance, which can significantly lower the financial expenses tied to having a person or persons hired to exclusively deal with your IT equipment.

If you are a company in need of such – feel free to contact us.

We don’t just do maintenance – we also do consulting how to optimise your equpment spending and individual per-case solutions, and of course maintenance and optimisation of your existing equipment.

Services we offer:

–    Inspecting the current state of your IT equipment

–   Upgrading existing equipment for the effect of lowering operating costs and increasing efficiency and longevity

–    Optimizing your network setup and connectivity and increasing network security (antivirus, antispam, firewall)

–    Making sure you have an adequate antivirus solution running and if need be software upgrades

–    Computer maintenance and/or repair

–    Fresh install and optimization of the operating system you use

–    Providing end-user support, either on-site or by remote