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Web design

Your internet presence matters.

It also matters how you deliver the information to your site visitors.

Leave it to us.

We create web-sites from start to finish – everything is taken care of.

We focus exclusively on clean, responsive, fast loading and easilly navigable web-sites. No unecessary and tasteless flashiness, and no added expenses.

Because the person visiting your web site does not want to get lost in the layout, watch endless, pointless animations – they came there for concrete information about your company or services. And we make sure that information gets delivered efficiently. Jer onaj tko posjećuje Vaš web ne želi gledati beskrajne animacije i izgubiti se u izbornicima, već želi čim brže i efikasnije vidjeti konkretne informacije po koje je došao na Vaš web site.


We create:

– CMS (WordPress based) sites

A CMS based (Conten managment system) web site can be a powerful content delivery platfom. If you want to have control over the content and amount of pages on your web site, the ability to change and/or add existing/new content, a CMS solution is the solution for you. It gives the most flexibility, design-wise, and enables you to very easily constantly update the content you serve on your web site.

– classic HTML pages

A clasic web site is made up of several static HTML web pages (usually 2-5 pages), and is meant more for simply ensuring a form of presence on the web – contact information, company information, product information and such. If your needs are a simple, beautiful, low-on resources website made up of several pages that present the desired content and you don’t intend to make regular changes after putting the site online an old-school HTML website is the solution for you

–  Facebook and Google+ pages

Since Facebook and Google+ are an important part of today’s marketing, every company should have their own FB and/or G+ page – we can do that too. We can either make one for you and put the desired content there, or we can maintain the page and content updates on those pages for a nominal monthly fee.

These offers include (by case-to case/need basis):

– page maintenance – adding new content, changing already existing content, page updates and such. Either for a monthly fee, or a per-case basis. Contact us – we can always work something out. 🙂

– web hosting – you don’t have to worry about domains, buying domain names, renewing domain names, setting up namservers, forwarders and al those other back-end technical thingies – we take care of that.

– SEO optimization of your web site for search engines and manual input of your web site to all relevant search engines and web site indexes.

Feel free to contact us with your idea or a basic concept of what you would like your web site to be like, and we’ll work something out. We work on projects of any size and scope.